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Chinese textile exports to the first four months increased by 1.6% year on year
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Customs data show that the first four months, Chinese apparel exports 295.36 billion yuan, representing a decrease of 1.9%; textile exports 205.45 billion yuan, up by 1.6%.

In the just concluded Fair, China's textile and garment export turnover of $ 1.74 billion, and last year's Spring Fair drop of 22.5%. The cotton yarn, wool yarn, chemical fiber cloth and linen fabrics have a greater growth.

A stock market, several leading textile manufacturing Lutai A (000726.SZ), Blum Oriental (601339.SH), Huafu (002042.SZ) and other export situation this year is good. A quarterly show, the three main business revenue and net profit to a certain growth, Blum oriental color yarn sales up by over 35%. Although affected by domestic cotton prices fell, but the company gross profit margin remained stable. The late release of the foreign producers can reduce costs and improve profitability.

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